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Finding a company you feel good about

We all know with the Internet and Google searches in this day and age that a shopper has many, many options when looking for the perfect company or entertainment agency for their special booking and event.

With so many web sites catering to buyer direct, and making things "convenient" for the shopper to find what they are searching for direct.

So why would anyone want to go through an agency or company when looking for entertainment?

With over 28 years working in the entertainment industry- Agent, Author Denise Bella Vlasis will list all the reasons why,

1. When calling those on-line "list of 1000 performers" web sites- do you know if the information is up to date? current photos and promotional materials? So many of those sites do not update or even require authentic and current photos and promo.

2. Is there someone accountable if your performer decides to not show up to your event? Is there anyone you can call should an emergency happen? we have experienced ourselves 1st hand a failed performer not calling or showing up with NO one to call and NO one held accountable. It took work to get our refund and we were told (the people at this web site) are "not in on the weekends".

3. What if your performer does not look anything like their photo? At our company we make sure our clients get up to date photos and promotional materials every time.

4. What if the performance is not what you were hoping or expecting? Is it really worth saving a little money by booking direct? only to embarrass yourself and guests with a performer who did not deliver what they promised? When you call an agency or company like us, you will always have that reassurance that there is a agent you can speak with at all times and get a resolution should the performance be less than what you had hoped for.

5. Do you feel good speaking to whom ever is handling your event or party details? We want every one of our potential clients to feel good, happy and assured they trust in what we do every step of the way.

6. If booking a talent direct, are they capable to handle any last minute changes, picky clients or unexpected happenings? When you have an agent, you always have a professional person to help with and arrange any and all last minute changes with professionalism.

7. Does your client need something more? when you call an agent, you have a resource of information to help without having to do all the busy leg work yourself.

8. One stop shopping

9. No fake reviews. When you book your talent with an agency that has been in business for over 30 years, you can bet you are getting the most qualified, professional person to handle your important details.

10. With an agency, the agent must always be held accountable with the years of experience they have, all the past event and works they have put together, and their resume. Remember the on-line web sites can literally post whatever is given to them including false reviews and false claims.

Sure we all want to save when we can, but we encourage you to not make that decision for your very special date, event, anniversary, wedding, award show, shoot dates, or casting.

We have been successfully working in the industry for 30 years and in those amazing times, have been blessed to have witnessed happy client after happy client.

We genuinely care and would be honored to help you at least weigh out the options before making your booking decisions.

Give us a jingle or email any time- we are here for you and will be happy to help!


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