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Rather than having your guests walk to the buffet or stand in long boring lines to get a bite to eat, why not let our beautiful Dolls personally deliver the yummies directly to them!? Our amazing Human rolling, strolling Table ladies can be custom costumed into any look you and think of. Any theme, color pallet to match your event.

LED light up Tables or glass top avail and a real show stopper!

Champagne Tower

Giant 6 foot Tower which can be booked as either Giant Champagne Tower or as a pop out cake to deliver a Happy Birthday, Anniversary or special announcement to that special someone. Can also be used to hold champagne or food. Showgirl on top can pour your bubbly and pose for selfies!

WOW your Guests with our Beautiful Dolls sitting in our Giant Glass pouring the bubbly! Perfect photo op for all! Choose from our lovely Dolls or even add our Marilyn Monroe lookalike for a real Hollywood treat!

Let us tantalize your tastebuds with our Bella's LED Light Show Champagne Dolls.  All of our Tray Dolls are custom costumed to fit your exact needs. We also have many styles of Standard Wood Cigarette Girl/Candy Girl Boxes. (you can see many more options on our sister site)

Strolling Champagne Skirt holds up to 100 Champagne Flutes or 100 Shot Glasses or even 100 cones of food, sweets, or pop-corn.

Model can be costumed in any theme, color Costume at your request.

Guests love this photo op and Skirt can be customized into any color design.

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Packages & Parties

Choose from our Giant Champagne Props, Champagne Tables & Skirts, or our Champagne Tray Dolls
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