For each Booking of a Mrs. Bella’s Champagne & Martini Doll, your price quote will include; Glass/Table/Skirt or Tower drop off,  security and pick up.


We require our security person to be with our Giant props at all times at each booking and offer our security person to be outfitted in solid black tux suit or authentic 1940s bellhop attire. Our security person will arrive 90 minutes before booking scheduled time to load in and set up prop.  We require no touching of our giant Glass by guests and absolutely no one except our performers are allowed to get inside the Glass. We can offer insurance of the Glass for each Event Booking upon request. Our Glasses stand approx 5 x 5 feet and we require accessible Prop load-in and accessibility for our security person’s vehicle. Additional Props available by us include; Bubble Machine, Red Carpet, Step & Repeats. See our main Web Site for more details


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(818) 903-7158

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